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Not Cops was founded in 2017 by James Elston and Sheldon Cameron after their previous band, Shark Sandwich, disbanded. The drum and bass Torontonians are fuelled by their twisted humour and it often shows in their music. From fun silly songs about dog parties, to dark serious songs about depression and mental health, this hard rocking duo clearly does what they want.

Before they had music, Shel and Jim began their artistic endeavours together making short films. Sheldon being a videographer and Jim being an actor it was natural combination. Their first video, Banana Lesson, became an instant classic and solidified the future of their collaborative efforts. In 2016 their film Lot 30 was considered for the Toronto International Film Festival but ultimately didn't make the final cut. They continue to work behind the cameras and operate their own film companies: SCP and OhJeem! Productions.

After losing at rock, paper, scissors Jim was forced to be the bass player. Being a drummer for over a decade and having no idea how to play bass JimBo's motto has become "If you can't be good, be loud." As a result they have been banned from certain rehearsal spaces around the city.

Having fallen in love with heavy metal before he had armpit hair, this proud Walkertonian does his best to bring those influences into his work. The most notable bands being Machine Head, Soilwork and Amon Amarth. Jim had his first taste of the stage when he had the honour of performing vocals for Oakland's metal legends Machine Head, while front man Robb Flynn was sidelined due to a gnarly throat infection. As long as it's fast, heavy and loud Jim will most likely put his seal of approval on it.

After besting Jim and winning the argument on why a band with only two drummers is a bad idea, Sheldon took his place behind the kit. Although a drummer for the last 10 years, Sheldon got his start in the music biz at the age of 15 as a screamer in a hardcore band.

Music has always been one of Shelly's passions, but this Barrie native found his true calling behind the barrel of a camera.

From horror to wedding videos, Sheldon has been honing his craft for almost as long as he's been rocking out from his throne and has been the creative force behind Not Cops' videos and jam room recordings.

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